Pip-Squeak, an Anti-Bullying Magic Show

This week marks the 7th anniversary of presenting my semi-autobiographical anti-bullying show at the wonderful Orlando Repertory Theatre.



During the weekdays children up through middle school-age will be bused to the theatre where I will attempt to blend laughs, amazement and an important message.

I haven’t actively spend a lot of time promoting Pip-Squeak because I’ve been blessed with a full regular performing schedule with my Outta Control Dinner Show.  The fact is however, that bullying isn’t going to go away and has actually become a much more serious issue with the advent of technology and cyber bullying.

Recently a lady from the U.K. approached me after seeing my regular comedy show and brought up my anti-bullying work.  She asked me was it difficult to try to constantly make people laugh but then balance that out by talking about a serious subject in a different show.  My answer was “yes” when it’s related to social media, but “no” when it comes to performing the actual show.  When I’m performing my evening comedy magic show, it’s all about fun and laughs, when I’m performing Pip-Squeak, it’s about getting the laughs… but then layering it with uplifting information.

The lady then went on to tell me that she had downloaded the Pip-Squeak video to show her teenage daughter who had been dealing with bullying issues at school.  I was touched and honored that she took the time to tell me it had made a difference in her daughter’s life.

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