Seeking Beta Readers

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Hi Friends,

I’m currently working on my second book tentatively entitled “Andy Logan” and I’m seeking beta readers to share their honest input.  I will be sending out anywhere from a few chapters to up to 40 pages or more at a time.  I’m looking for a variety of ages both young and old.  This book is intended to appeal to a wide age-range of readers (think in terms of Harry Potter).

Shy, awkward, thirteen-year-old Andy Logan uses magic tricks to break the ice and try to make friends in the new town that he and his mother have just moved to. Relocating was difficult enough but when his brand new next door neighbor gets kidnapped things begin to get really tough and more than a little strange.  The town of Fort Towers, Florida is filled with weird residents, mysterious sunken treasures, criminal activity and maybe even something a little supernatural.

If you are interested in being a beta reader for me or you know someone who would, please send me an email at or message me on Facebook at

All that I ask is that you share your thoughts and suggestions about what you read.  Don’t be afraid to hurt my feelings, I need you honesty in order to make the story as good as I possibly can.

Hope to hear from you!

Peace & Love,




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